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Barvit Industrial is a premier Systems Design and Integration Firm.

We are located in Greenville, SC, one of the fastest growing areas in
the United States bolstered by major automotive, power turbine,
textiles,  and pharmaceutical organizations that supply the world.  

Founded in 1991, Barvit Industrial has been providing superior systems
design and integration for large and small organizations located
throughout the United States and Europe for over 15 years.
Barvit Industrial, LLC
  • Textiles
                  Dyeing and Finishing Ranges
                  Debatching/Inspection Frame Drives and Controls
                  Legacy Data Collection Systems
                  High Speed Defect Labeling Systems
                  High Speed Invisible Mark Application Systems

  • Food
                  Industrial Fryers
                  Continuous Baking and Drying Ovens
                  Mixing Systems
                  Packaging Systems
                  Powder Holding Handling Systems
                  Freezer Systems
                  Spray Dryers

  • Pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals
                  High Speed Bottling/Packaging Lines
                  Metal Detectors
                  Vision Systems
                  Tablet Presses
                  Soft-Gel Preparation Systems
                  Soft-Gel Forming Operations
                  Tablet Dedusters/Polishers/Separators
                  Ink Jet Printing
                  Missing Cap Detectors

  • Automotive Supply /Chemical/Waste Treatment
                  Assembly Lines
                  Flow Measurement/Control
                  Vibratory/Ball Mills
                  Powder  Silo Systems
                  Ceramic Mechanical/Isostatic Pressing
                  Grinding Operations
                  High Temperature Firings Processes
                  Precious Metal Ink Application Operations
                  Plasma Coating Operations
                  Spray Drying Operations
                  Vision/Electrical Testing Operations
Phone:        864-879-2305